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Chrono Trigger is, I think, the greatest RPG that has ever been made.


RPG is short for role playing game. This RPG features a teenage boy, Crono, who lives in the year 1000 A.D., the year of the Millenial Fair. There, he meets the princess, who goes by the alias of Marle in public. He also meets his friend, Lucca, a great inventor, who has an exibit at the fair. While testing Lucca's teleportation invention, Marle's pendant reacts with the energy in the machine and creates a portal. She enters the portal and Crono follows her. This portal takes them to 600 A.D., a time of knights and kings, wizards and warriors. Their travels bring them to 65,000,000 B.C., 12,000 B.C., and 2300 A.D. On the travels they meet Ayla, a cave-woman, Robo, a robot, Frog, a knight, and Magus, a sorceror. In 65,000,000 B.C., an alien creature called Lavos crash lands into the Earth. Lavos feeds off of the life of all of those on Earth. In 1999 A.D., Lavos awakes and wreaks havok everywhere. My brother has played the game and beaten it at least five times. I have some of his theories about Nu, Spekkio, the End of Time, and whatever else he theorizes about the game. I also have a list of the many endings of the game when you play New Game+ mode, so read on!